Personalised Research-Based Wellness

The Peak Health Retreat is an immersive healthy holiday in the Swiss Alps in Saas-Fee, Switzerland at The Capra. The core of our offering is our unique approach to personalised wellness in natural surroundings and luxury accommodation. Peak Health provides a holistic and sustainable improvement in multiple key areas of life, including enhanced productivity, better sleep, stronger mental focus, higher energy, and a more positive mindset.


Bad habits can be hard to break, but not with focus and understanding. We focus on the fundamental habit loop to determine the most successful way to break bad habits and implement healthy ones instead. This helps create sustainable results for the long term.


Balancing blood sugar levels can have a huge impact on our mood and energy during the day. When we think about the optimal nutrition plan, we want to keep blood sugar balanced and boost metabolism all while providing energy and a wealth of micronutrients for your body. We emphasize seeking out food that is locally sourced that includes lean proteins, healthy fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Maintaining fitness improves productivity, reduces stress, lowers cholesterol, encourages weight loss and combats depression among other benefits. The Peak Health programme includes pleasant hikes at high altitude to boost cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle and increase metabolism. Yoga at the close of each day will help you to restore and repair. Personal training sessions are also available to help create a tailor-made fitness regime that helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

Mental Resilience

Mental resilience is a key skill to combat stress and fatigue. The Peak Health programme includes meditation and yoga sessions, curated discussions and tips on improving overall resilience. Our hikes provide a grounding meditation to build connections with nature. Without the stimuli and stresses of regular life, we help make space in the mind-body to create a sense of serenity and provide a foundation of mental resilience in every day life.


Building healthy sleep habits is one of the most effective ways to boost performance and wellbeing. Our curated approach targets stressors affecting healthy sleep and rebalances your serotonin, cortisol, and melatonin levels to promote healthful and restful sleep. We have a variety of resources to calm the body and mind including sleep-friendly menus, cutting-edge spa amenities and meditation practices to foster a night’s rest that leaves you feeling well rested and rejuvenated.

Winter Retreats

Escape your daily routine and refresh your mind & body through this programme designed to improve your overall wellness, cardiorespiratory fitness and strengthen your muscles while reconnecting with nature.

Fuel your body with seasonal vegetables, high quality proteins and healthy fats; improve your posture, flexibility and balance while also reducing your stress levels during your yoga class; lastly, enjoy some rejuvenating time in The Capra Private Spa to relax and recharge before bed.

Summer Retreats

Peak Health focuses on nurturing your body to its optimal state without calorie restriction or over-exercising until exhaustion. We provide the highest-quality offerings with nudging strategies that rewire your mindset to foster more beneficial habits. Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is natural using this approach and also more likely to be sustained upon your departure.

Our methodology, designed in collaboration with medical and wellness experts, will boost your metabolism, and help balance your body’s functions through improved diet, exercise, mental wellness and sleep. Expect mornings of hiking followed by afternoons at yoga and relaxing in our beautiful spa all whilst enjoying beautifully-prepared, fresh, and delicious meals.

Family Retreats

At Peak Health, we understand that transforming your health and fitness can be most beneficial when it involves the whole family. That’s why we have made it possible for families to attend Peak Health Retreats together on specific weeks throughout the year.

Saas-Fee has been awarded the Switzerland ‘Family Destination’ certification. This means a guarantee that guests will enjoy child-friendly accommodation, organised activities, theme trails, playgrounds and unspoilt nature among other activities and attractions.

Each child will have a bespoke programme suited to his/her interest and ability level. Available children’s activities include:  the adventure forest with a ropes obstacle course, fairy-tail trail, a petting zoo, feeding the marmots, tobogganing, hiking or skiing, healthy workshops, or free time in The Capra’s ‘Fun Lab’, filled with table tennis, foosball table, and more. A babysitter can also be organised for younger children.

Corporate Retreats

An employee’s health influences the quality of their work and their achievements and as a result impacts workplace productivity. In simplistic terms, wellness effects the bottom line.  As physical inactivity, consumption of ready meals, and stress in work culture is on the rise, so too is the increased burden of presenteeism and absenteeism due to stress on organisations and the UK economy as a whole.

Wellness in the workplace is more than just a way to prevent illness, it positively impacts the health and well-being of the entire organisation and its employees and it is also helps a business thrive and gain an edge over its competitors. It decreases burnout, increases attracts and retains talent, improves productivity, boosts job satisfaction and morale, lowers health-related costs, reduces risk of chronic diseases, decreases the number of sick days, builds a stronger work community, alleviates stress and improves energy and happiness.

Peak Health creates bespoke wellness retreat for corporate clients to suit the needs of the individuals and organisation as a whole.

Peak Health Spa