An employee’s health influences the quality of their work and their achievements and as a result impacts workplace productivity.

In simplistic terms, wellness effects the bottom line. As physical inactivity, consumption of ready meals, and stress in work culture is on the rise, so too is the increased burden of presenteeism and absenteeism due to stress on organisations and the UK economy as a whole.

Wellness in the workplace is more than just a way to prevent illness, it positively impacts the health and well-being of the entire organisation and its employees and it is also helps a business thrive and gain an edge over its competitors. It decreases burnout, increases attracts and retains talent, improves productivity, boosts job satisfaction and morale, lowers health-related costs, reduces risk of chronic diseases, decreases the number of sick days, builds a stronger work community, alleviates stress and improves energy and happiness.

Peak Health creates bespoke wellness retreat for corporate clients to suit the needs of the individuals and organisation as a whole.

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