the peak health Philosophy

The Capra Spa is run and managed by Peak Health. Peak Health has been created, in collaboration with a team of medical and wellness experts in Switzerland and across the globe in order to fulfill the need for a holistic approach to resetting one’s health. With our team of expert Advisors, we implement best practices latest academic and scientific research. Our mission is to help people transform their lifestyles and create sustainable changes through true health immersion on a luxury vacation in an idyllic environment.

Peak Health’s Programme goal is to gain a new understanding of one’s body and its potential. Further to this, we aim to help each guest understand which small changes will make the biggest impact to him or her specifically. Unlike many programmes, education plays a large role in what we do; from workshops to in-depth reports and tools to take home, we aim to bring new awareness and understanding to what it means to live a life of peak health and wellness. Finally, we believe that practice makes habit and our retreat Programme is built around instilling habits by using methodology based on the principles of sustainable transformation. With our team of expert Advisors, we implement best practices latest academic and scientific research into all of our methodologies.

peak health retreats

The goal of the Peak Health Method is to gain a deeper understanding of one’s body and its potential. We achieve this by helping you understand which small changes will make the biggest impact on him or her specifically. Unlike many other programmes, education plays a large role in what we do; from workshops and in-depth reports, to take home practices, we strive to help you continue to live a life of peak health and wellness upon your departure. Peak Health provides the highest-quality offerings with nudging strategies that rewire your mindset and habits around health effortlessly.

Unlike the traditional strict boot camp model that uses calorie restriction and over-exercising until you are fatigued, Peak Health focuses on nurturing your body to its optimal state by focusing on our four Peak Health Quadrants: Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep Hygiene, and Mental Wellness. We teach you how to boost metabolism, increase insulin sensitivity, and balance the body’s functions through diet, exercise, and life-style changes. 

We concentrate on correctly fuelling your body with a healthy diet of lean proteins and seasonal vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats paired with activities that use this fuel in the most optimal way to help restore your body’s natural energy balance. You will leave Peak Health feeling rejuvenated with a better understanding of how to support the functions of your body to meet your health goals.

Peak Health Retreats run weekly throughout the Summer, from July to September.

the peak health spa at the capra

The Peak Health Spa at The Capra is an expansive luxury Spa, which offers three treatment rooms, a relaxation area, sauna, steam and salt therapy rooms, an indoor pool, outdoor hydrotherapy pool, fully equipped gym and mind-body studio for classes.

Each of our offerings, treatments and products are based on the latest scientific advances, focusing on intelligent recovery, regeneration and holistic wellness. Our uniquely curated treatments include muscle recovery and detox, customized facials, therapeutic massages and active recovery support, including infrared and salt therapies.

The Capra Private Spa

In addition to our luxury Spa, there is a private Spa with a sauna, steam room and hydrotherapy pool that can be booked separately for private use starting from CHF 90 for 90 minutes.


Escape from your daily routine and refresh your mind & body during our Peak Health One Day Retreat.

The Capra and Peak Health have created an exclusive one-day package integrating Peak Health’s four key pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Resilience and Sleep, to offer an opportunity to improve your general well-being.

 Included in the package: 

  • 2.5 hour morning hike around Saas-Fee with a local guide
  • Peak Health lunch in The Brasserie
  • Access to the Peak Health Spa
  • 75-minute private yoga or qigong class
  • 50-minute infrared detox wrap
  • Peak Health goodie bag & bottle

Further details of the itinerary: 

Improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and strengthen your muscles while reconnecting with nature during your hike in the mountains.

Fuel your body with high quality proteins, healthy fats and seasonal vegetables rich in vitamins, mineral, fibres and antioxidants to support all your body systems and to keep you energized throughout the day.

Cleanse your body of toxins and improve your blood circulation during your infrared body wrap.

Improve your posture, flexibility and balance while also reducing your stress and anxiety levels during your private yoga or qigong class.

If you’re feeling inspired and are eager to see the impact of a full week of wellness, we encourage you to join us on our Signature Peak Health Retreats!

 Terms & Conditions: 

Subject to availability 

 425 CHF (accommodation not included)