the peak health Philosophy

Personalised Research-Based Wellness 

The Spa of The Capra is run and managed by Peak Health. At Peak Health our goal is not only to help you relax and unwind, but to develop personal strategies that maintain health and fitness and help you operate at peak performance long after you have left our doors.

The Peak Health philosophy is based on the research of a team of medical and wellness experts around the globe. It takes a holistic approach to resetting health based on the latest academic and scientific research.  

peak health retreats

Through our fully immersive retreat programme, we aim to help you cut through the noise around wellness and understand which small changes will make the biggest impact on you to help you transform your lifestyle.

Peak Health provides the highest-quality offerings with nudging strategies that rewire your mindset to foster more beneficial habits.

Through a precise wellness assessment, we provide personalised support in our key areas (Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Resilience, Sleep, and Habits) for sustaining optimal health and maximising results. By focusing on healthy behavioural and cognitive changes, we create sustainable solutions to wellness improvement.

The Peak Health 2019 Summer Retreat Season takes place from 13th July to 21st September 2019, with each retreat beginning and ending on a Saturday.

the peak health spa at the capra

The Peak Health Spa at The Capra is an expansive luxury Spa, which offers three treatment rooms, a relaxation area, sauna, steam and salt therapy rooms, an indoor pool, outdoor hydrotherapy pool, fully equipped gym and mind-body studio for classes.

We have uniquely curated treatments including customised facials, therapeutic massages, body packages, muscle recovery, detox treatments and private classes. Our product offerings are based on natural, organic ingredients and clean science. Our curated list includes Nescens Cosmeceuticals – Swiss Anti-aging Science, Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland – Swiss Plant Stem Cell Collection and Alpienne – Austrian Organic Plants from the Alps.

The Capra Private Spa

In addition to our luxury Spa, there is a private Spa with a sauna, steam room and hydrotherapy pool that can be booked separately for private use starting from CHF 90 for 90 minutes.


The Capra and Peak Health have created an exclusive one-day package integrating Peak Health’s five key pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Resilience, Sleep and Habits, to offer an opportunity to improve your general well-being.

 If you’re feeling inspired and are eager to see the impact of a full week of wellness, we encourage you to join us on our Signature Peak Health Retreats!